What is Walkabout?             

The Walkabout Program at CPMS gives parents the opportunity to volunteer in an area that directly impacts their child’s safety and gives them an additional connection to a big part of their child’s day.

The program is new for the Fall of 2017!

  • Walkabout has received great administrative support from our teachers and staff in its infancy!
  • In other schools it is a very popular program among working moms and dads because of the flexible times to volunteer!
  • All CPMS parents are welcome to participate after completing required paperwork and a one time training session!
  • Once parents attend a one time training, they will receive walkabout updates with the link to our volunteer sign ups.  
  • If you have attended training and are not receiving these emails, please contact us at walkabout@cpptsa.org.

Mission Statement/Purpose

The Walkabout Program at Canyon Park Middle School is a PTSA sponsored, school supported, parent staffed program that provides a positive adult presence on campus during peak traffic times. The additional adult presence discourages inappropriate behavior allowing students to feel safe. It also gives parents the opportunity to volunteer in an area that directly impacts their child’s safety and gives them an additional connection to a big part of their child’s day.

Directory Listing for Position: Walkabout

Name Email
Kelly Hennessey & Cathy Jones walkabout@cpptsa.org

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Print, fill out and bring to Ms. Fisher in the school office the following:
    1. Sections 1, 2, 3 of the Northshore School District Volunteer Application
    2. Washington State Patrol Background Check
    3. Volunteer Disclosure Form
    4. This needs to be turned in 3 days prior to your first volunteer assignment.
  2. Attend a mandatory training session prior to your first assignment. It will be an hour long and will provide you with key information and an idea of what to expect while you are on campus.
    1. Tuesday, September 26th at 3:30-4:30pm
    2. Thursday, September 28th at 7:00 – 8:00pm
    3. Tuesday, October 24th at 3:30-4:30pm
    4. Thursday, October 26th at 7:00-8:00pm
  3. Sign-up on-line here for shifts
    1. Volunteering can be one day for the year, one day a week or everyday.
    2. Shifts can be one lunch, two lunches or the whole lunchtime period.
    3. Sign-up with friends to volunteer together
    4. Volunteers will be in pairs at the beginning and end of the lunch period to conduct a Walkabout of the campus.

Daily Routine

Volunteer Times        

***Check in 10 minutes prior to your lunch shift to have time to conduct a Walkabout of the campus***

Mon, Tue, Thu, FriWed
LUNCH A11:00 - 11:3010:40- 11:10
LUNCH B11:50-12:2511:25- 11:55
LUNCH C12:45-1:1512:10 - 12:40

If you were to commit to all three lunches, this is what your time on campus would look like:

  • 10:50am | Arrive, check-in at office and Walkabout the campus in pairs with specific directions
  • 11:00am | Lunch A – meet in cafeteria. Once kids are dismissed to zones, head to assigned zone
  • 11:30am | Walkabout campus in pairs with specific directions
  • 11:40am | 10 minute Personal break
  • 11:50am | Lunch B – meet in cafeteria. Once kids are dismissed to zones, head to assigned zone
  • 12:25pm | Walkabout campus in pairs with specific directions
  • 12:35pm | 10 minute Personal Break
  • 12:45pm | Lunch C – meet in cafeteria. Once kids are dismissed to zones, head to assigned zone
  •   1:20pm | Check-Out in the office. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!


There are up to 7 designated Zones around campus where students are allowed to be after finishing their lunch. These Zones provide them with an opportunity to engage in sports or socialization outside of class time. The more adults available on campus, the more Zones can be open. Walkabout volunteers are merely required to be present to supervise and be a presence, but could engage in leading activities and/or participate.

/ Sign-out Procedure

  1. Go to school’s front office and sign-in to the Walkabout notebook on the front desk.  The attendance secretary can direct you.
  2. Pick up a Walkabout lanyard and clipboard.

Contents of the Clipboard

  1. School maps with room #’s.
  2. Volunteer routes throughout the school.
  3. Emergency procedures.
  4. CPMS School schedules (on back of clipboard).
  5. When finished, return your lanyard and clipboard, and sign-out.

Walkabout Routine (after signing in)

  1.  Check all doors to the outside, they should be closed.
  2.  Work in teams and vary the routes that you take.
  3.  Check bathrooms.
  4.  Communicate with appropriate personnel if a situation occurs.
  5.  Please report any adults without identification to the office.
  6.  Don’t ask for explanations during an alteration – separate the students and control the situation first.
  7. Move towards loud groups. Your physical presence will deter most unwanted behaviors.
  8.  Have FUN and enjoy yourself and the kids!

Incident Report Process

  1.  Speak with Eileen Jowell, Dean of Students immediately or any adult in the office if she is not available.

WalkAbout Volunteer Guidelines

    • Greet kids and groups! Smile and engage in pleasant conversation with them!
    • Parents are supporters, not enforcers of school rules.
    • We are not security guards – the best deterrent to problems is creating a presence.
    • Encourage positive behavior by your presence – smile!
    • No gum, hats or cell phone conversations while volunteering.
    • Never walk into a situation that you feel will be harmful to you – you are of no help if you are hurt.
    • Document any situations that arise.
    • Don’t ask for explanations during an alteration – separate and control the situation first.
    • Communicate with appropriate personnel if a situation occurs.
    • Report rather than confront students about inappropriate dress code standards.
    • Please do not drop by and visit with your child’s teachers.  Please schedule another time to meet with them.
    • Volunteers are required to follow the school dress code.
    • Have FUN and enjoy yourself and the kids!

Important Reminders:

  • Volunteers cannot search student lockers, backpacks or belongings.
  • Volunteers cannot touch students in any manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I do if I need to change my schedule or I am sick?  Do not notify the school.  Send an e-mail to walkabout@cpptsa.org .
  2. If I’m substituting for someone, do I sign-in with my name or the person I’m subbing for?  Please always sign-in with your name.  This is for emergency attendance procedures.
  3. What is on the clipboard?  School maps with room #’s, volunteer routes throughout the school, emergency procedures, CPMS school schedules (on the back) and names of people to report any issues or problems that occur.
  4. Can I let a student go to their locker during lunch?  Students are not allowed to go to their lockers during lunch.
  5. What do I do if I am the only volunteer?  Sometimes volunteers are unable to come due to unforeseen circumstances.  Should that occur, you are welcome to participate on your own, staying within sight and hearing of staff. You may need to modify your Walkabout route accordingly.
  6. Is it ok to stop by to chat with one of my child’s teachers while I’m there for Walkabout?   No – Please make an appointment at a separate time.
  7. If I can’t attend the one-time CPMS training session can I still participate in Walkabout?  The training session is required before you are allowed to participate in the Walkabout program and attending an in-person training is highly recommended. Please email walkabout@cpptsa.org for issues concerning this as we can find ways to accommodate your situation.
  8. Am I required to attend the training every year?  While the training session is mandatory for new parents, it is optional for returning parents.
  9. Do I need to wait in the office or hallway for my Walkabout partner?  Yes, please wait in the office for them.
  10. What should I do if a student is dressed inappropriately?  The school is responsible for enforcing the dress code.  You may tell the office about the student, but do not confront the student.