This year’s theme:  “Within Reach”.

This theme was submitted through the Reflections Theme Search Contest by Ben Berselli of Shady Grove PTA, VA.”

Each year, students in grades PreK-12 are recognized for bringing the theme to life through visual arts, photography, literature, music composition, dance choreography, and film production.

START: By checking out the following documentation and thinking about what this years’ theme means to you.

  1. Rules & Guidelines
  2. CPJH Official Entry Form


  1. Choose the category/categories you with to enter and how you would express the theme.
  2. Choose a title and create an Artists statement that relates how your work connects to the theme. This is very important and a primary factor judging the entry and should be 100 words or less.
  3. Get familiar with the Rules & Guidelines for the category(ies) you plan to enter. Entries will be disqualified if rules are not followed!
  4. Complete an entry form, making sure you and a parent/guardian both sign it.

CREATE: Create your original piece! It must be new for this competition and express this years theme. Help from an adult or collaboration with other students is not allowed. (Adults: please DO help to package the entry properly!) Choose a title and create an Artists statement (100 words or less) that relates how your work connect to the theme, remember this is a primary factor when judging the entry.

ENTER: Enter your original masterpiece(s)!

WHERE: Enter in the official Reflections box in the Canyon Park office.

WHEN: No later than Friday, November 17, 2017 at 3:30PM.


  1. You followed the category rules.
  2. Your entry is packaged correctly.
  3. The official entry form is completely filled out, signed by both student and parent/guardian, and attached to the entry as explained in the Category Rules.

We look forward to seeing your creativity!

All entries will be showcased so stay tuned!


Submit your idea for next year’s theme using this Theme Search Form! Due by November 1, 2017.

NOTE:  Under no condition may parents or students contact the judges to dispute the judging status of any entry. All decisions of judges are final.

Email the Reflections chair(s) if you have questions.

Directory Listing for Position: Reflections

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Rachel & Jonathan Northquist