Board Members

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Executive Committee consists of:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee and Standing Committee Chairs.

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The President (or co-Presidents) is the presiding officer and official spokesperson of the PTSA. Facilitates all Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, and General meetings. Gathers input from Committee Chairs and prepares Agendas with the Secretary. Communicates regularly with the school Principal, staff, Board of Directors, and PTSA members as well as potential PTSA members. Participates in state PTA Council meetings. Delegates responsibility where appropriate to the VP.
Jane Chiodo & Kerri Booth
Vice President
The VP acts as the assistant to the President and presides at meetings in the absence of the president. Responsible for scheduling guest speakers and purchasing door prizes. Also responsible for reviewing monthly bank statements.
Tracey Harvey
The Treasurer is elected by members to be the authorized custodian to manage PTSA funds. Ensures all PTSA funds are promptly deposited into PTSA bank account(s), separate from funds of any other organization. Ensures appropriate insurance (liability insurance at a minimum) is purchased for the PTA. Keep accurate and detailed accounts of all funds received and disbursed. Responsible for paying all authorized financial obligations of the PTSA. Prepare and file the appropriate federal tax forms, incorporation report, and charitable organization report in a timely manner. Preserve all receipts, invoices, bank statements, cancelled checks, and other financial records. Submit and report on a detailed, written monthly financial report at every Board of Directors & General Meeting. Submit written reports by email to the board during months when no meetings are held. Work with the support of the President to create the proposed budget for the following year.
Kate Nadeau
The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes and recording all business at every PTSA meeting, including General meetings, Executive Committee meetings, and Board of Director meetings. Prepares minutes from previous meetings for review/approval at next meeting. Works with the President to plan meetings and create agenda's and informs President of unfinished business from previous meetings. Responsible for taking attendance at meetings to ensure quorum. Facilitates meetings in the event the President and Vice President are absent. Maintains roster of Board of Directors, ensuring all contact information is up to date. Keeps a current roster of members on hand during meetings. Maintains the copies of all documents for the official PTSA files.
Leah Schubert
6th/7th Grade Coffee & Orientation
Jenny Ferreira
8th Grade Party
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Jen Pirak
Alison Stobie
After School Snacks
Coordinates after school snacks.
ASB Liaison/Social Services
Works with the ASB to help facilitate volunteers for their annual fundraiser(s). This person(s) would work with students & ASB Advisors to assist with advertising events, coordinate volunteers, plan collection & help with distribution of incentives.
Christy Tran
Bring Your Parent to School Day
Works with office staff to coordinate Meet the Parent Day. This includes communication in advance of the event, offering to help with creation of parent map & schedules, making arrangements for coffee/snacks, and recruiting volunteers for any preparation activities and day of event operations.
Jenny Ferreira
Community Serve Day
Rebecca Jensen
Health Screening/Picture Day
Works with the school nurse as a volunteer coordinator for the health screen day in the fall. Also work with the school on coordinating volunteers for picture day in September.
Melissa Stevenson
Emergency Prep
Helps purchase supplies and maintain the emergency container in coordination with the school Eprep Committee, attend Eprep Committee meetings every other month, help at drills if possible.
Jenny Ferreira
Knight’s Day
Christy Tran
Keeps the PTSA membership informed about local, state and national level issues, and how they impact our children. This person would give reports to membership at the four general PTSA meetings and give updates for the school newsletter.
Brandy Bewley
Math Club
Shilpi Gupta
Works to sign up members to the PTSA and entering those members into the state website. Communication with parents and staff through flyers and newsletters as well as being there on curriculum night are important to this position.
Kayleen Kamikawa
Kelly Hennessey
Pass the Hat
Matthew Carter
Coordinates and promotes the pursuit of students' creative expression through the annual PTA Reflections Program. This program encourages students to create art inspired by a specific theme in any of six art categories for fun and recognition. This year's theme is: “Let Your Imagination Fly.” Responsibilities include: Communicating Rules, preparing the school’s entry form, managing entries & submission protocol, uploading entry data, and providing recognition to students.
Rachel & Jonathan Northquist
Staff Appreciation
Susan Switzer
Staff Liaison
Sebasitan Ziz
Student Directory
Kristy Gillis
Student Recognition
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Jessica Hockstedler
Melissa Stevenson
Threads & Treads
Eileen Jowell
Kelly Hennessey & Cathy Jones
Keeps the PTSA website updated with current information that is provided to them from the Board of Directors.
Katie Hall

Open Positions:  We have several positions to fill right away and would love to get you involved.  Please refer to position descriptions above
 or use the information below to contact us for more information.  It is a great way to stay involved with as much/little commitment as your life allows and give back to CPMS, many hands make light work creating a positive caring impact for our students and staff. Please don’t assume someone else is going to do it that someone we are looking for is you!

If you are interested in a position that is already filled, use the contact information below to reach out because succession planning works seamlessly when you have the opportunity to shadow in that role!

Directory Listing for Position: President

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Jane Chiodo & Kerri Booth